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10 October 2009 @ 12:42 am
The Challenges  

These are the challenges that have been responded to so far, not the ones that need back up writers. 

I want to start another round and have this one finished before nanowrimo. I promise that the next round will be more organized I'm planning on starting that one mid to late December. If you see that I missed putting your challenge on here and you know that you answered it please contact me. I’ll get voting set up within the next couple of days…


IF YOU WANT TO BE A BACK UP WRITER PLEASE EMAIL ME AT officathon@gmail.com or at epicscarf@gmail.com

ANYONE CAN VOLUNTEER TO BE BACKUP WRITERS. We currently need 2 so if you want to contact me I'll give you a challenge to do. So please volunteer!

Challenge 3


Genre: Young Adult, Humor
Rating: K-M
Like: A Group Of Odd Friends, Card Games, Matching Cell Phones, Cake
Hate: Any Official Romantic Pairings
Words/Quotes: "By the Great Gatsby!!", "I saw Atlantis In Your Pantis.", "Together y'all!"


Challenge 4
Genre: Suspense, Action/Adventure, Drama
Rating: K-M
Like: Zombies, Fight Scenes, Hurt/Comfort
Hate: Any Other Supernatural-Type Creatures, Fluffy Gushy Romance, Low-Brow Humor
Words/Quotes: Agoraphobia, "Nobody said you were allowed to breathe," and a mention of any song by Interpol.

Challenge 5
Genre: Humor, Romance
Rating: K-M
Like: A Funny Title, Eccentricity, A Serenading Protagonist, A Very Likeable And Pitiable Antagonist And A Mainly Humorous Plot With
Romance Entwined.
Hate: Stereotypical Characters, Predictability (Except In The Case Of A Cliche), Too Many Arguments And Very Common Names.
Words/Quotes: "I cannot imagine how people can commit suicide to themselves. You know, I just cannot understand that aspect of suicide", "I LOVE gay people... you know not the gay happy ones, just the gay homosexuals... yeah...", "Mom, I know you love me an' all, but I really think you need to stop trying to change my diapers. Don't get me wrong, but I AM sixteen you know", "I love you, but I think I don't... I dunno, but I love you, yeah I do... I think I just think I don't... (abrupt change of topic)You know, I waxed my armpits last summer while in Australia and ..... (continue)"

Challenge 7
Genre: Humor, Romance, Drama
Rating: M
Like: Old Gramophones, Taxidermy Shop, Lofts, A Walrus That Smokes Cigars, Lee Harvey Oswald, Bifocals, Clouds And Cloud Expertise.
Hate: Cliche Characters And Things Of That Nature, Vegetables (Especially Onions), Bestiality, Bottled Water.
Words/Quotes: Tangelo, Bougainvillea, "Dee dee dee dee.." (as singing.)

Challenge 8

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Mystery
Rating: T
Like: White Roses, An Unlikely Suspect, Two Detectives Who Hate Each Other (Pref: The Leads)
Hate: Mary Sues, A Female Character Who Can't Stand Up For Herself, More Romance Than Mystery
Words/Quotes: Bookworm, "Bagpipe Mafia? What the hell is that supposed to mean?", "How can you talk if you haven't got a brain?"


Challenge 10
Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Angst, Drama
Rating: T-M
Like: Family Issues, Best Friends, Cliques, Protective Siblings
Hate: Slash, Over Usage Of Slang
Words/Quotes: "You can't not choose." Jackhole, "I have decided that I am not scared of death. I'm just scared of leaving the people I love behind."

Challenge 12

Genre: Anything
Rating: K-M
Like: An Interesting Protagonist, Fantasy If Done In An Interesting Way, A Dystopian Environment.
Hate: Mary Sue Type Characters, Excessive/Unconvincing Angst
Words/Quotes: At last all returns to the sea (Rachel Carson) "I thought I knew you better than that", "When I need your help I'll ask for it."


Challenge 13


Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy
Rating: K-T
Like: A Mermaid, A Talking Octopus, A Singing Villain, A Dramatic Adventure, A Vegetarian Werewolf,
Hate: Mary Sue Type Characters, Boring Info-Dumps, Whiny Heroines
Words/Quotes: Asinine, "Don't drink the water.", "Roses are red, violets are blue..."


Challenge 14


Genre: Romance, Supernatural
Rating: K-T
Like: Werewolves, Love Triangle, Het Relationship, Skinny Jeans, Neon Clothing
Hate: Fluff, Smut, MxM or FxF
Words/Quotes: "Because I'm (fill in name)" reference to Gabe Saporta (He's a singer), Muffins


Challenge 18


Genre: romance; young adult.
Rating: T/M.
Like: A protagonist who isn't '*so* hot but she just doesn't know it'; a guy who isn't 'the hottest most popular guy around'. Alternative/indie characters and/or music.
Hate: Whiny, pretentious characters. Ignorance, racism, excessive use of the word 'hot' and any use at all of 'smokin''. A love triangle.
Words/Quotes: "...Sort of like the Donut King slogan. You know; a *whole* lot of fun. Whole. Hole. Get it? It's a *donut*." "Wizz fizz isn't like cocaine. You can't just snort it and think you're gonnna be all high and dandy. All that ** is gonna give you is a blood nose and a massive sugar rush." "Zealous. **, man, sound it out - zeal-ous. Is that not the best word you've ever said or what