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Session 2: 2010

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H E L L O ! Welcome to the Original Fiction Ficathon, originally created by liz_will_ow and currently moderated by epic_scarf.

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What's a Ficathon?

A Ficathon is basically a writing challenge, where you submit a challenge, receive a challenge, complete that challenge and see other completed challenges.

How Does a Ficathon Work?

Sign up, by following the instructions located on the relevant post. You'll be emailed, asking to confirm your participation in the ficathon. When the requests post is posted, you will make your Top Five requests. The mods will tally these up, and assign everyone a challenge. You'll have three months to write a story for that challenge. You will then submit the story to the Master List post, and woohoo! You're done.

If you have further concerns/queries, read the FAQs first, and if they still haven't been addressed, then feel free to email officathon@gmail.com.

Community Rules

Your submitted story MUST be an original piece based on the challenge YOU were allocated, written by YOU.

There is a 3000 word requirement for all stories. If you're writing a multi-chaptered story, then please make sure that at least 3000 words, in any number of chapters, are submitted by the deadline.

Please edit your work! Submitting unedited work is tacky, and it'll only take you a few extra minutes to read it over for errors. Or even better, find a beta who can look it over for you.

You MUST use the three words/quotes/etc that you were allocated in your story, and they MUST be present by the deadline.

If you're going to drop out, at least have the courtesy to contact us and let us know. If you do drop out, and don't tell us or don't have a valid reason, you'll be barred from participating in any future sessions of the Ficathon.

But most of all, have fun!
» A F F I L I A T E S


If you would like to be an affiliate, please comment on any of the posts, or email us at officathon@gmail.com

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